Dr. Shelagh A. Gallagher has worked with gifted students, their teachers and their parents from Charlotte to Kazakhstan. She has devoted much of her career to developing and testing Problem-Based Learning curriculum for gifted students, seven of which have won the Nation Association for Gifted Children Curriculum Division Award for Outstanding Curriculum. Dr. Gallagher has also conducted research and published articles on topics including personality attributes and giftedness, developmental and academic needs of gifted adolescents, questioning strategies for gifted students, gender differences in mathematics performance, and twice exceptional students.

Dr. Gallagher served two terms on the Board of Directors of NAGC and three terms on the North Carolina Association for Gifted (NCAGT). She has received the Distinguished Service Award and the James J. Gallagher Award for Advocacy from NCAGT, the Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence from UNC Charlotte and the Article of the Year Award from NAGC. She recently received the “Person of SIGnificance” award from the National Society for Gifted Students. She is also a contributing author in the Off the Charts, winner of the 2013 Legacy Book Award from the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented. Every summer Dr. Gallagher makes time to work with gifted adolescents as a Fellow at the award-winning camp Yunasa.

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